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    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Framed For Murder: A Fixer Upper - 2017 - 5/10 "Really?"  I asked.  "Where do you find these films?"
      "They are popular, they're fun.  Murder and romance."
      Who was I to argue?  Besides, as I've said countless times, I never argue with females, I don't have the stamina.
      Anyway ... Jewel (the folkie singer who splashed in the 90s) plays a home remodeling contractor in New England or Newfoundland.
      After her uncle dies following a fall, she becomes an amateur sleuth, determined to unearth the truth.
      Luckily for her, her newest client bought a ramshackle mansion and hires her to renovate.
      Ooh, and he's a crime writer, who wants to help.
      Predictable formula, decent photography, acting is fine. I disparaging this movie throughout.
      "What writer makes enough money to buy a mansion?  Stephen King?
      "Jewel and that guy?  He looks old enough to be her dad!
      "That man can't change his own flat tire?  What a wussie.
      "Those extras don't even know how to hold a hammer.
      "You don't strip off paint with an orbital sander!"
      Meanwhile, the women next to me -
      "She's had work, look at those cheekbones."
      "Her upper lip doesn't move at all."
      "That's Buttery Blonde, I thought of going that way."
      "Those teeth need caps and whitening."
      Jewel fans, she sings one, too.
    • Striking Out Season 2
      By sodam · Posted
      Am wondering if anyone might have the second series English subs for this?  Such a good series............
    • Save Me UK 2018
      By SherlockHu · Posted
      ​last lasr year, the young pope was on Sky Atlantic. remember its subs was avaible before any **** had it. dying fore this show's subs TAT
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Edgar Allan Poe: Buried Alive - 2016 - 8/10 Much of Poe's ill reputation stems from the slanderous first obituary, penned by a jealous rival.
      Critical appraisal has erased the slurs of literary incompetence, much of the character assassination abides.
      This documentary crafts an honest portrait of the man, his abilities and shortcomings.
      Professional successes were often followed by self-destructive failures.
      His perverse propensity for making enemies was a root, and alcohol a malignant companion.
      Denis O'Hare does wonders as the brooding Poe, reading from journal entries, letters, poems, stories, in a gentle Southern cadence.
      Interviewees include scholars, descendants, historians, writers, and two actors giving theatrical readings.
      Photography at times reminded me of a Guy Maddin film, sweeping from spare and dreary to unexpected, vibrant lushness.
      Quality primer for newcomers, Poe fans will enjoy, as well.
    • Bliss + Hold the Sunset
      By Ninfadora · Posted
    • Bliss + Hold the Sunset
      By emeline-whovian · Posted
    • Currently viewing - Recently viewed.
      By Vultural · Posted
      Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool - 2017 - 7/10 Gloria Grahame biopic, sure to attract Film Noir fans.
      Annette Bening plays the faded femme fatale in her final two years.
      This covers her relationship with Peter Turner (from whose book this is based) and his family.
      AFTER she had undergone cancer therapy and thought herself clear, and into the final relapse.
      Heyday films, ( The Bad And The Beautiful , In A Lonely Place , Crossfire , The Big Heat , Human Desire , among many, are barely referenced.
      The infamous scandal of marriage number four is a mere breath. Hollywood generally loves filmed versions of their glittering selves.
      Chaplin , Ed Wood , Frances , The Aviator , Too Much, Too Soon , receive acclaim, and if not awards, at least nominations.
      Other films, The Cat's Meow , Valentino , The Last Of Robin Hood , Auto Focus , not so much love, even when acting is outstanding.
      Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool seems to be in the latter group.
    • gangland undercover s2 ep07 vostfr
      By Traditore · Posted
      @ripper93500  bonsoir, pour encourager celui qui a déjà traduit l'épisode 7, peut-être bien qu'un merci enthousiaste en commentaire sur la page de cet épisode aiderait à ce qu'il fasse le suivant. Ça s'est déjà vu...    
    • gangland undercover s2 ep07 vostfr
      By ripper93500 · Posted
      merci beaucoup d'avoir traduit l’épisode 7  "jmdish" , mais serait t'il possible pour finir cette série de faire l'épisode 8 ?? http://www.addic7ed.com/serie/Gangland_Undercover/2/8/The_Devils_Patch   ​
    • Recherhce Sous-Titres "OJ SIMPSONS, THE LOST CONFESSION?"
      By pak53 · Posted
      Finalement, j'ai trouvée les sous-titres en anglais, les voici. [DownSub.com] O.J. Simpson_ The Lost Confession_.srt
    • Recherhce Sous-Titres "OJ SIMPSONS, THE LOST CONFESSION?"
      By pak53 · Posted
      Bonjour,  Je voudrais savoir si quelqu'un serait intéressé pour traduire cette émission de la FOX sur la dernière confession de OJ Simpsons. Voici le lien de la vidéo :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugdTdHiVfYI.  Mon niveau d'anglais n'est pas assez poussée pour comprendre toutes les nombreuses nuances de cette affaire. Je tiens à préciser que aucun sous-titres sont présents sur le site addi7ed.    Cordialement.
    • Not Going Out
      By hardofhearing · Posted
      Thankyou very much.