Problems displaying the downloaded subs? --> Change the charset encoding

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Maybe some of you had notice that when downloading subs in Addicted
in other languages different than English, it contains weird characters
with the particular letters of your language.

In Spanish, my case, all the accented letters like á,é,í,ó,ú are displayed wrong.

To easily solve this, follow this steps:

1) Open the sub with the Notepad
2) File -> Save as...
3) In type --> "All Types"
4) In the name of the file add: ".srt" in the end
5) Select ANSI encoding
6) Save
7) Say "Yes" to the overwrite question

With this, it shouldn't be any problems now for reading that sub correctly.

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Hi there. I believe your solution is more for Windows users. How about Mac users?


I am currently using Smart converter pro 2 to fuse the subtitles to the video file



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