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Hi everyone,


I have one strange Question. How can i report a bad Translator?

Can someone please help me, i would apreciate it... :)

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Hi, Silviya.
Please let me repeat what's posted at addic7ed's home page:
"We, as a team, only release English files. Translations are done offline or online (check the FAQ for online translations) by our users. Please keep that in mind. If you notice mistakes in subtitles, please correct them. This and much more in our (opens in new tab).


You can certainly report bad translators. You do that by clicking the triangle icon to the right of the download button in each version.

However, I'm assuming you are referring to Bulgarian translations. Since all translations are user-dependent, it would be best if you organise a group of users who are fluent in Bulgarian and then convince or guide specific translators to improve their skills on the one hand.  And of course report them on the other hand.



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Thank you very much, Alice :)

I have done it. Before this i try to speak with this user to correct her lines, but she doesn`t respond to me and now the Subtittles for Mom episode 10 are done, but half of it are aufwall.

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