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On Addic7ed, I downloaded  eng subs for Un Village Francais. All fine at first, but   Starting in the 4th season, some episode subs  work for me and some  other episode sub files  seem  to  be out of sync  and start with what appears to be a long paragraph  recapitulating    the  the action in that or earlier episodes or something.  I cant figure  out how to use those subtitles.  Can  this newbie be helped?

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Hi @guywire,

This show is not part of the shows the Team covers, so anyone can upload subs for it.

The guy who posted the subs for the 4th season didn't bother to indicate which release the subs are related to.

Your problem probably comes from the fact that you didn't grab the video the subs were supposed to fit.

Given the timings of both French (which is WEBRip) and English subs, some English subs seem to be for the same source and others have quite a different sync, so it's hard to tell.

The best option for you is probably to give a shot at resyncing them yourself.

If it's WEBRip it would be a one time resync, so it's pretty easy even for a newbie :)

You'd just have to select all lines and readjust the block until the subs fit the video you have.

Don't hesitate to give any feedbacks or ask for further informations.

I can help you through the syncing process if you need.

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