Issue with uploading subtitles.

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I hope I am posting in the right sub forum. I made a subtitle file containing approximately 1100 lines.

Yet, after uploading it to addic7ed and downloading it from the site, the subtitle file contains only 7 lines.

It is obviously not the file's fault, since if I upload it somewhere else, I can download the full sub. Also I tried uploading with a different browser on addic7ed, but no luck.

How to fix this? Thanks.


The issue was that I wrote the time with ; instead of ,

Addicted will not recognize 00:01:00;000 --> 00:01:00;500, but will recognize 00:01:00,000 --> 00:01:00,500.

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How the file is saved is important too. When I upload a srt (resync subs) from my ubuntu pc (linux) I have to save the srt file with the option UTF-8 for Windows (not Macintosh or Unix).

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Hi @NeewaX,

I don't know which software you used but it's strange it let you put ";" instead of ",".

For sure Subtitle Edit & Subtitle Workshop don't let you do it.

And like @derrick45 said, always be sure to save your files in UTF-8 format before uploading on Addic7ed, or your sub might be all screwed up.

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Tired of waiting for a non-HI version of Poldark S04E06 I made the necessary corrections myself, made sure I saved the SRT-file as UTF-8 and uploaded it as a new version.
Naturally I downloaded it immediately to check it – and naturally something went wrong with character encoding.

I have checked with the staff, and yes, files should be UTF-8, but it doesn't work for me.

I'm on a Mac and I have tried saving as UTF-8 from both TextEdit and Jubler, but to no avail.
The best result was some Windows encoding, which still left me with two hours of corrections after uploading.

Any suggestions?

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