Idea: Subtitle resync helper (auto-adjusting web form/tool)

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I've seen similar things before, where you can upload a srt, and choose a source fps + and a destination fps and it adjusts all the lines;

I'd like to see the webform/Tool display the fist (or selectable starting point sub line number), same with the last, Not necessarily the real very first and last, leave the others unadjusted.

Tell it how far in ms to offset (and the direction) for both these key lines, then calculate the rate of time passing between them (what the different amount should become) and output a downloadable file with adjusted line start times - and if applicable length of each line's display time extended/shrank by a few ms.

It would at least be a good starting point for creating sync's, or a quick + dirty way to create a sync for a video that has no close matches (in rate).

Idealistically this could be upgraded to an interactive full file display srt editor with inject time delay for all lines after a specific time, and individual line editor.

What do you people think? Do you know of anything that already works this way?


[ Given enough spare time I might be inclined to develope something similar on my own, but that time is very limited. ]

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