Killing Eve: Original FPS?

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I've come to the BBCA series "Killing Eve" late and I'm a bit confused by the releases that are available.

The first two AMZN-NTb releases are 23.976 fps and as a result run longer than all other releases which are 25 fps (except convert-TBS).  The rest of the AMZN-NTb are 25 fps.

W4F's releases look to be HDTV caps from BBCA and are also 25 fps.  Perhaps IVTC'd?

All of the convert-TBS releases (except the first) are web rips that appear to be 25 fps converted to 29.97 since they have identical runtime to the 25fps releases and interlace artifacts.  Their first episode is 23.976, but runs the same length as 25 fps releases NOT the AMZN 23.976 release.

If the first two AMZN releases weren't 23.976, I would just assume the series was shot at PAL speed.  If the series is ATSC spec'ed, then why has no-one released episodes 3-8 at the proper speed?

It's a puzzle that's got me curious.

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