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These notes are additional to the Forum Rules, which apply equally to the Addic7ed comments page, to private messages you might want to send to team members, as well as these forums.

The Addic7ed "Comments" page is for short comments on posted subs, intended to help, support and encourage the very busy people who are producing the subs for us.

By all means, thank the sub-makers and, when it happens, report any problems, but:

  • Do NOT make requests for shows we do, no matter how many days! We know what we have to do, no need to remind us. Use the SubTalk Forums for special requests only.
  • Do NOT make requests for leaked episodes. Maybe they'll be done, maybe they won't. Most likely, you'll have to wait for the airing. 
  • Do NOT make requests for translations. They're made by users like you. If users don't have time, there won't be any translations. So you either participate, wait, or don't comment. Anyone requesting translations over and over will be banned.
  • Do NOT post video links or refer to websites (even their acronyms) where you can find illegal content. You know the ones! Try Google instead.
  • Do NOT post links to other sites for episodes we haven't done yet, or complain that some episode is on XXX site. Wait patiently (and in silence is even better).
  • Do NOT overly discuss shows or episodes - use the SubTalk Forums. You can give your opinion, but don't turn the comments page into a detailed analysis of an episode.
  • Do NOT post spoilers.
  • Do NOT ask why it's taking so long, or any variation of it. Doing so will result in a ban. Syncers do have a life outside of Addic7ed.
  • If you want to know if a sub will work with a particular episode/release, why not download it and try it? (It's quicker than asking about it.)
  • Above all, respect the Addic7ed team, staff, and all users; abuse or discourtesy will result in a ban.

And reminder, do NOT send private messages to team members asking the same questions as above. 

- The staff -

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Hey, "Dream Team"

I just want to deliver a heartfelt "thank you" in 100 languages for the ongoing, excellent work by the subtitles team... even for the stuff I don't watch because one day my mum might want to see it (she is the reason I get subs).

The quality is always great, the syncs perfect, the delay insignificant, the commitment just as strong as ever. Especially since all the effort is an unpaid volunteer service, I'm always astonished at how generous you guys are, every day.

Believe me, for those who have hearing-impaired relatives or acquaintances - due to congenital, infirm, age or any other reason - know that your work is greatly appreciated. When I see my mum laugh or smile or even cry during a program, I often give a silent "thank you, Addic7ed" to the wind... and hope the wind carries it to you !

Blessings to every one of you.


[if this is the wrong place... sowie]

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It's been such a long time since our last conversation. Thank you for your kind words. 

Apologies for replying in such a late fashion. Be sure that I'm transferring your message to the whole team.

And please, send our regards to your mom. :)

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