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OK. It may be that because I am an older viewer, or because I am British, but..... It seems that the newest TV programmes, that are being released, are actually pretty crap!  I don't bother with US comedies, because US humour doesn't tend to be that great. Too much canned laughter etc. But there seems to be a growing trend with programmes, that are actually pretty decent, that have main characters within a new series, being gay or LBTQ or whatever.   I am quite old enough to make up my own mind about such things.  I am a 63 yr old guy, and I don't need some PC agenda, being thrust into my face, regarding other sexual agendas.  The latest 9-1-1 Texas version is exactly a case in point.  A lesbian, a Homosexual. A transgender. All in one firestation..... Please. Let's have some sense of reallity... Before we know it, DR Who will be encountering homosexual Daleks, getting it off with a dustbin.... The latest batch of "New" programmes. Are subjects so inane, that even the title is enough to make you not want to watch it.....  Reading the IMDB  on it, makes sure, you don't want to watch it...  I find myself wondering..... Who in their right mind, would even consider commissioning these shows?  You know full well that there won't be a series two....  BECAUSE THEY ARE RUBBISH!!!

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I mean, ok, it can sometimes be a bit annoying, this manner of checking all the boxes at once, and maybe unrealistic and all. Fulfilling quotas. But it might also be necessary in order to make visible otherwise unseen "minority" communities, and to fight discriminations. Which is important -even vital for some- in this world and can have an impact for a lot of people, actually. Seeing things that way, such shows might even be useful... :) I personally am longing for a world in which it won't be needed anymore cos' everyone will be accepted as they are - in TV and everywhere.


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