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Again, nothing to watch on TV? Tons of Netflix shows but you still "can't find" something to watch? Join bored people like you on a virtual bar-hopping. Destination? The Drunken Clam ( beware of chicken fights!)
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  2. @emeline-whovian I don't think there will be a computer powerful enough for you to access all the data for that second question!
  3. Unless they're self flying, I wouldn't want to know that
  4. Are flying cars finally a thing now? Also, how much have we screwed things up in the meantime?
  5. Dammit for the no haters rule. 2100, I hate it already.
  6. "Where can I find Hawaiian pizza?" Because I'll probably be starving for solid food, and Hawaiian pizza is life. No haters, this is 2100, I can do what I want!
  7. By that time Google is replaced by amazon.com

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