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Donnie Darko


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Okay, guys. I guess the Oldies sub section is now redefined as Verdikt's movies you must watch since no one ever posts over here.. Whatever!




If this movie is not good, it is just sheer awesomeness! There WILL NEVER be any time-travel movie as epic as Donnie Darko. If you compared Lost with this, Lost wouldn't even gain the 0.1% awesomeness of it. Donnie Darko has just everything a 2001 movie never had. I was surprised it never got nominated since the notions of the movie were stupid but this movie is not stupid; it is stupefying and will lead you confused unless you watch the movie the second time.

On-topic, this movie spawned the success of Jake Gyllenhaal (who's now an idiot for playing as a Prince for a Disney movie) and his sister, Maggie. It revolves around this guy who sees visions of a bunny (reminds me of HB.. idk why) who tells him the world's gonna end. Sounds like Know1ng, but he suddenly finds out that the bunny is ordering him to do stuff like break the water pipes, etc. However, I won't give away most of the movie 'cause you will have to watch it. I recommend getting the Director's Cut version since I was confused in the normal Internal release.



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donnie darko is one of those important must see flicks, director richard kelly was on very very rare form with darko, it delivers everything you could want in a film, elevated by a fine script and exemplery acting. if you havnt seen it you may struggle with the plot, thats whats makes watching it again a must and a joy. for those of us saw it on release we go back and just watch a very good film

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