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Little question about srt


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Hi I'm going to use a translator to write my question because I'm really not good in English haha!
Is there by any chance a program that transcribes English voices to get the srt in English?
or do people who translate do it by hand (so to speak)
who see the time and with the lyrics write 
sorry my question i don't want to offend the syncers because thanks to you we can listen to our series!
I was simply asking because some series that I listen in English have no English or French srt and are not listed here and to not make unnecessary requests where did the story of my question come from! thank you to the one or the one who can answer me!
A great admirer of what you do! Thank you very much!

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I am able to understand without problem ,the problem is more to transcribe it afterwards the words come out not as they should
thank you for your answer!
It would have been simpler a program that transcribes the oral of a film / series But when I look for something here I am fulfilled there is really everything and especially a team of hell to have so much srt!!!

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Transcribing English voices to generate English SRT (SubRip) files is a task typically done by humans rather than automated programs. While there are automated transcription services available, they may not always provide the accuracy and timing required for subtitles, especially for specialized content like TV series. Subtitle syncers, as you mentioned, play a crucial role in creating accurate subtitles that match the timing and content of the audio. If you're looking for subtitles for series that aren't readily available, it's often a labor of love from volunteers in the community who dedicate their time to creating subtitles for various languages. Your appreciation for their efforts is well-deserved, as they contribute significantly to making content accessible to a wider audience. If you have specific series in mind, you might consider reaching out to subtitle communities or forums to see if anyone is working on or interested in creating subtitles for those shows. Thank you for your admiration and support!

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