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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


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[Okay, I'm really bored so I think filling up with reviews should be interesting. I've already covered Pulp Fiction today, so here's another awesome movie called Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.




Geez, if there is any better hilarious movie on drugs which can beat the shit out of this movie, you can "castrate" me. Basically, the movie is about this crazy journalist and his sidekick lawyer who go on a drug-filled journey to Vegas. The movie is pretty wacky and the plot may bore you, but you should not miss out Benedicio del Toro's and Johnny Depp's acting - they both are so fucking amazing in this movie!! Normally, drug movies are dark but this is awesome! You also have to watch it for the memorable quotes and quirky comments made by both actors. Purely genius! 8/10 from me! :)

Favourite Quote:
"We can't stop here. This is bat country!!"



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If you were looking for a plot or something interesting like a "mind-fuck" movie, you may not find it in FaLiLV. However, this movie is pure art and one of the best directing and acting I've ever seen. It's a tribute to one of the greatest reporters out there: Dr Hunter Thompson.

And the mescalin scene was the bomb!



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FALILV is a triumph in every sense of the word, it provides a very unique window into the mind of hunter thompson, its less about the drugs than you think, its a man realising the country he loves is fracturing from what he knew and loved and that it was leaving him behind. the american dream buy the ticket take the ride.

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