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American History X


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Good afternoon to you, all. Today's movie is American History X, starring Edward Norton and that rebellious chav from Terminator 2.




Awesome movie! This movie is basically about a neo-Nazi racist cult leader who suddenly realises that the path that he has led was wrong after his time in jail and doesn't want his brother to fall in the same path. The movie has a wonderful cast as well - we see Edward Norton, who plays a really amazing role of a cult leader and Edward Furlong, who's the leader's son and is basically 15 but wants to follow in his brother's footsteps. People will also be shocked to see Stacy Keach, the warden from.. Prison Break!!

This movie is really unexpected because it goes through a biography phase. If you're an Asian or African, you may find yourself hating Norton but then you suddenly realise the position he is and how he badly wants to change his brother. You may think that the movie basically teaches that being racist is wrong but the movie is quite different from that. It is beyond words because the leader's enemies become his friends and teach him peace while his own friends hate him. My rating = 9/10. Go watch it!

Favourite quote:
"Nigger, you just fucked with the wrong bull. You should've learned your lesson on the fuckin' basketball court. But you fuckin' monkey's never get the message... I'm gonna teach you a real lesson now motherfucker. Put your fuckin' mouth on the curb. [after the black guy puts his mouth on the curb] Thats it! Now say good night! [stomps the black guy's mouth with his foot]"

That stomp was even more epic than 300!



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Bardzo dobry film. Pokazuje że nienawiść nie prowadzi do niczego dobrego i jest bezsensowna Swietne aktorstwo...zwłaszcza Nortona, pod koniec filmu współczułem kolesiowi który na początku był potworem. Ciekawostka. American History X jest jedynym filmem w dorobku reżyserskim Tonyego Kaye.

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