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Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle


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I remember watching my first R-rated movie and voila, I have to do a review for it! I was like 10 when I watched this movie and lo, I will never forget Neil Patrick Harris and the titties!! :D




Yes, this was my first R-rated movie. And let me tell you, there will be NO other R-rated movie that can beat this hilarious movie! This movie is basically about 2 Asians who decide to eat something for a change and go on a trip to White Castle. It may seem like a road journey to them but the ride turns to be filled with obstacles, that are seriously hilarious!

The main reason why I think I enjoyed this movie was because I was Asian (Indian, to be accurate) and just seeing Kal Penn made me ROFL. If you love marijuana, watch it! I bet you'll really enjoy Malin Akerman's titties as well (unlike Watchmen). Honestly, this is much better than Eurotrip because it has much better satirical comedy than any other comedy movie I have ever seen. Neil Patrick Harris has gotta be the most hilarious acting I have ever seen and John Cho + Kal Penn are damn fantastic as Koreans and Indians.... well, they don't get along. My rating = 9/10

Favourite quote:
"Nice pubes" - Random gay guy.



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