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The Exorcist


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Seeing that I haven't posted any horror movies yet, let's start with the most thrilling horror movie of all time called The Exorcist starring Ellen Burstyn and Linda Blair.




Okay, I gotta stop swearing. To my delight, I obtained a Director's Cut version of The Exorcist and I thought I was gonna shit in my pants. Apparently, not. So if you're a horror movie freak, watch this movie cause you can a) boast about it, B) brag about it, or c) show that you had balls watching this movie. This movie is basically about the exorcism of this young girl after she gets possessed by a demon.

What makes this movie so interesting is it was the first movie to scare the shit out of people. True story: 6 cast members died watching this movie. Since I'm agnostic, I watched this movie at midnight, alone. If you consider the camera effects during the 70s, you can say this is quite a scare, especially the spider-walk scene and the 360 headspin and the young-girl-possessed-says-"Fuck me!"-to-a-priest scene. Nevertheless, this movie is what inspired many B-rated horror movies today. The atmosphere is also quite dark and needless to say, this is why I guess every person has to watch The Exorcist (unless you're really religious and are a fan of the word "abomination") My rating = 7/10.

Favourite quote:
"Keep away. The sow is mine." - Demon.



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I just want to see the film that has the most unexpurgated version of Caleb Carrs script. Hell, forget the whole thing- lets just have some decent people get together and do The Alienist and Angel of Darkness. Exorcist I and III are masterpieces. Leave it be.

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