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Pulp Fiction


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A Quentin Tarantino movie should obviously be in Sub-Talk!!




Ah.. this is in the top iMDB list and yes, if you really wanna watch a good Tarantino movie, make sure this is your first one. The movie is basically about a mob boss, a fighter who is being hunted by the boss, 2 hitmen who work for the boss, the mob boss' wife and 2 robbers in a diner. Their story intervenes in many different time frames as you may find the end of the movie in the middle but this movie is a triumph towards all Tarantino movies. I remember watching Kill Bill when I was like 10 (yes, with the blood) and watching this movie really was stupefying. It's a crime for people who haven't watched this movie and are into cult-ish films.



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Probably one of the best tarentino's !
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I like to dissect girls. Did you know I'm utterly insane ?

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