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subtitles for RAW versions plz


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Well, I guess there isn't too much need for that. Fansubbers DO cover a lot of ground, and they usually do great work --- even adding translations for signs, letters and other text that just appears somewhere, or giving additional explanations.

Collecting subs for raws would probably just be stealing subs from a fansub release. And while US/UK TV shows are generally released as "raw caps" with no subs, I would consider Anime raws to be more of an internal fansubbing thing for groups that can't or don't want to cap their own raw. Unless you're japanese, of course, or one of the rare westerners to understand enough japanese to be able to follow the shows.

And btw, fansubbing groups tend to be a lot more "accessible" than TV groups. I used to hang out on the SD-6 IRC channel "back then", but nowadays I have no idea how to "find" CTU, DIMENSION etc. Contrary to that, Anime fansubbing groups have websites, IRC channels, forums, bit**** ****s and large databases listing pretty much every "officially" released file.
Chances are you don't ever need to hunt down a raw... which makes a site collecting subs for raws somewhat redundant. In my opinion, anyway.

Besides --- no offense to honeybunny et al --- Anime fansubbers are "a few steps" ahead of the TV subbing efforts, as far as I can tell. If they WANTED a subs-for-raws collection, they would have one, I'm sure of that. So just stealing their subs won't exactly put you on their friendlist --- not that it matters, they have no "power", but I really don't see why fans shouldn't try to stick together.

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