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Requiem For A Dream


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How many of you actually sit back and watched this beautiful epic movie talking about how drugs lead 4 people's life to hell? This movie beats the shit of any movie that I know, even Shawshank Redemption!



My verdikt (goddamn username):
100/10. Personally, Jared Leto's role as a drug addict was quite... expected seeing that all of his roles in the big screen are druggists. However, in this movie, he seriously brings up the message of hope in despair. Ellen Burstyn, as beautiful as she was, couldn't have been any more better in this movie. She got Oscar-nominated and she's also a druggist... in an indirect way. She seems addicted to sugar but then after asking the doctor, she becomes addicted to diet pills. Her role is what should be acknowledged! The direction is marvelous, and the cinematography outstanding. Every druggist and non-drug user must DEFINITELY watch this movie. Or you can burn in hell.



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