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Australian Media Companies Try To Ban Subtitle Sites

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Together the companies filed an application for the broadest-ever blocking injunction at the Federal Court in Australia. If successful, it would compel Australia’s ISPs to block a record-setting 151 domains related to 77 ‘pirate’ sites.

What is notable about the list is the inclusion, for the first time, of sites such as Subscene, Subsmovies, YIFYSubtitles. As their names suggest, these platforms offer subtitles for the latest movies and TV shows, something that doesn’t sit well with any of the companies involved but particularly Madman Entertainment which specializes in Japanese anime.

“People unknown have recorded from the motion pictures … then translated the words into different languages and then those websites make available files that contain the subtitles in those languages,” counsel for the applicants told the Federal Court this morning, as reported by CW.

While most previous cases have passed the scrutiny of the Court relatively easily, this case – with the inclusion of subtitle sites – represents new ground. While the standard for infringement of video copyrights has been well tested in earlier applications, literary copyrights (in what are effectively scripts) are now under consideration for the first time.

Quoted from the TF news site. https://****freak.com/movie-tv-show-companies-want-subtitle-sites-blocked-down-under-180802/

Presumably the Australians willl next go after anyone even referring to their TV and video productions in any manner, shape, or form.(/sarcasm)

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I have seen a couple news articles in the past discussing this issue. The idea of blocking addic7ed sends chills down my spine as I use it more than any other site on the web.  No one is mentioning targeting subtitle websites here in the US, but if there was blocking, then I definitely would get a VPN.

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We posted an article on our FB page as well:


Just look at the comments if you're looking for ways to still access the site then :)


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