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    • English subs for Ich Gehore Ihm (Loverboy) 2017
      By Hulio33 · Posted
      Hi, please could somebody help me find English subtitles for Ich Gehore Ihm   I have searched for around 6 months for these and they still haven’t come up anywhere on the internet. If anybody could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.  Cheers 
    • Request for English Subtitles for "No one saw a thing"
      By sarjim · Posted
      I'm interested too. Please , if only someone could upload subs . Thanks
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Kelin - 2009 - 7/10 Beautiful, leisurely paced film evokes Parajanov.
      Two men barter with the father of a young girl.
      Even though she already loves one, the rival bids more, and carries off his bride. From there, the story is life and survival in remote Kazakhstan.
      Sometime between 200-300 AD.
      No subtitles, but no dialogue, either.
      The yurt interior is cramped and lacks privacy.
      Outside, beautiful, if stark, mountainous landscape. Worth tracking down if curious.  Devotees of “world cinema,” this is a must.  
    • Request Subtitle for Runaway Millionaires 2019
      By zaaewr754 · Posted
      Request English Subtitle for Runaway Millionaires 2019 File Name: runaway.millionaires.2019.720p.hdtv.hevc.x265 Size 377MB
    • English subs for "Defending The Guilty"
      By MikeGrapes · Posted
      Request english subs for "Defending The Guilty" (BBC Two), Defending.The.Guilty.S01E01.720p.HDTV.x264-MTB,
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      La Notte Dei Diavoli - 1972 - 6/10
      AKA - Night Of The Devils Lumber dealer, Nicola, has car trouble while searching for a remote sawmill.
      He finds an isolated cabin, and a family who will put him up for the night.
      They are superstitious, windows and doors are heavily barred, and they are sharpening stakes.
      Nicola, a city dweller, tries to reason, then scoffs.
      Really!  What’s there to be afraid of in the deep woods at night? Well shot horror, with a curious mix of tropes.
      May be too slow for impatient souls, but for “Hammerish” fans, this should satisfy.
    • Ennemi Public seizoen 2
      By Slingertje · Posted
    • English subs for My Life Is Murder, S01 E09
      By JoeB · Posted
      This episode n9 was aired almost a week ago - Wednesday, September 11, but there hasn't been a sub posted for it.  No other site has subs for it either, and I have found that the only site that has subs for this series starting from episode 1 is, in fact, Addic7ed.  Episode 10 will actually air tomorrow morning (Sept. 18) and hopefully we will get subs for it also.  TIA!
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros Years - 2018 - 6/10 Nicely turned documentary on a disappointing period for Hammer.
      The 70s, when they partnered a distribution / financial agreement with Warners.
      Hammer’s prime was past, though the influx of cash did not hurt.
      Nor did Warners (apparently) interfere with them very much.
      Nonetheless, their Gothic look, costumed horror yarns grew out of step with the times.
      (Edgier competition included Night Of The Living Dead , The Exorcist , Texas Chainsaw Massacre .)
      Excellent, passionate narrators.  The films, so-so.
    • Request for English Subtitles for "No one saw a thing"
      By annemarie64 · Posted
      I'd appreciate it too!  
    • Request for English Subtitles for "No one saw a thing"
      By sinad · Posted
      There is this new Sundance documentary airing from AMC, which is called "No one saw a thing". The last episode aired on September 5. I am placing this request in case someone has access to the English subtitles. Many thanks !
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Prophet’s Prey - 2015 - 5/10 Disturbing account of Warren Jeffs, leader of a distaff branch of the Church Of Latter Day Saints (Mormons).
      Above, he is pictured with a fraction of his 60+ wives, the youngest was 12 when he married her.
      Documentary does a good job with chronology.  Even handedness is another matter.
      Straight off, the score by Nick Cave, dark and forbidding from beginning to end.
      I found this to be more overly subliminal.
      Jeffs is cast as child molester, rapist and polygamist.  While the documentarian drives by the offshoot sect, no one is interviewed.  Or no attempts are shown on record.
      Watching left a sour taste in my mouth, and I realize others may be horrified.