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Request any subtitle you want. There is a chance someone will deliver as long you will follow the Forum Rules.

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    • The Murdoch Mysteries (2004) movie collection
      By LadyTaz · Posted
      Did the subtitles for the three movies get finished? I do not want anyone to think I am pushing them. I was just not sure if I missed them or not. Thank you
    • == Café Addic7ed ==
      By Apocalypse25 · Posted
      Pour changer des séries sur Netflix, il y a les long-métrages Netflix. Je vous conseille Spectral, une série B militaro/fantastique où des militaires en opération dans un pays de l'est en guerre sont confronté à des morts mystérieuses dû à des êtres invisibles sans lunettes de visée nocturnes. Fantômes ? Camouflages avancés ? Autre chose ?
    • Roseanne S1 syndicated/edited subs
      By explosiveskull · Posted
      Hi, kidneyboy814. Can you please provide an IMDb link?
    • Roseanne S1 syndicated/edited subs
      By kidneyboy814 · Posted
      Hi there, I'm looking for English subs to fit the Starz/Anchor Bay version of Roseanne S1.  This is the one that came out in 2006, NOT the more recent uncut Mill Creek set.  If anyone can either rip the subs or convert CC (if they're available) it would be much appreciated.  Thanks!
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      The Great Beauty - 2013 - 8/10
      AKA - La Grande Bellezza Visually striking film of the compromised soul.
      Forty years previous, Jep wrote a well received book.
      That was his entry to the high life, free pass to the In-Crowd.
      He never wrote again, becoming a dilettante and coasting on his laurels.
      Dizzying array of sybaritic pleasures, contrast with the sheer futility of living.
      Point, all shall die.  So why struggle to be heard, seen, appreciated?
      Jep, the gracious, ever-smiling wastrel, is repeatedly paired against creative stragglers, or humans falling into despair, or the frail and elderly, coming face to face with the summation.
      Tour de force, though overlong and not always enjoyable.
    • Série Noire S01 (2014) [French-Canadian]
      By mojacko · Posted
      hi, thanks for sharing the subtitles! i love watching this series but i don't know enough french! i would see some of the episodes but i couldn't understand them. now i'm almost done with season 1! it's so funny!  i hope someone can also share the subtitles for season 2! 
    • Farang
      By bellocom83 · Posted
      Right, Swedish. By the way. I noticed you didn't post Madiba E3. I can't upload them, So I send them to you to take care of it. Thanks
    • == Présentez-vous ==
      By Kalyst · Posted
      Hello Je me prénomme François et j'habite en Sibérie 
      Je traduits habituellement les séries et films français vers le russe mais pas en sous-titre car les russes utilisent rarement les ST, il y a des équipes qui font directement les doublages (perso je n'aime pas car on entend toujours un peu dans le fond la voie originale).
      Je fais aussi de la traduction de documentaires russes en français et anglais.
      Je suis arrivé sur Addic7ed pour donner un coup de main sur certaines séries peu populaires comme The Outsiders afin d'accélérer les traductions. Je suis arrivé en fanfare, j'ai été banni le premier jour pour ma première traduction
      L'outil ici est bien sympa bien que parfois ça rame un peu beaucoup pour la sauvegarde.
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Wild Wonderful Whites Of West Virginia - 2009 - 2/10 or 9/10 Long awaited sequel to Dancing Outlaw , which made an unlikely cult star out of Appalachian mountain man,  tap steppin', Jesco White.
      This time out, the whole clan is featured.
      Cussing, fighting, breeding, shooting, stabbing, nudity - male and female.
      Will thrill fans and horrify the unwary.
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Fast And Loose - 1939 - 6/10 Breezy sequel to 1938‘s Fast Company .  Same characters, different lead actors.
      Eccentric collector hires rare book dealers to buy rare Shakespeare manuscript from financially strapped tycoon.
      There is also a first edition Milton that goes lost then found then lost.
      Parties meet at the mansion, along with offspring, stock broker, gangsters, eventually the police.
      Correcto mundo.  Killing.  For books!
      Fast paced, a jumble of characters, assortment of motives, a plot that borders on gibberish.
      Rosalind Russell and Robert Montgomery endearing as book hounds.
      Amusing to see folks get riled up over the printed word, since so few buy actual books nowadays.
    • Stan Lee's Lucky Man -- Règles de traduction
      By bird · Posted
      Oui ! Parfait. Première occurrence du "you" = "tu" à 22'54 précisément, quand Winter dit : "...or find out the truth about you". Soit un peu avant ce qu'on voit dans le "next time" à la fin du trois. (Merci d'avoir changé)
    • Farang
      By explosiveskull · Posted
      This is a new series and I don't think we get the subs any time soon, but just for your information, it's a Swedish drama, not Norwegian.