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You know what it stands for. NO, not hentai.

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    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      I Married A Shadow - 1983 - 6/10
      AKA - J'ai épousé une Ombre
      Low life boyfriend kicks his pregnant Hélène out of the car and speeds into the horizon.
      Dumped, dejected, she boards a train going elsewhere, anywhere.
      In the dining car, another female, a pregnant bride, befriends her and allows her to sleep in her cabin while she and new husband have dinner.
      After a catastrophe, Hélène is mistaken for the bride by the grieving family.
      Part mystery, part character study, as personal ethics conflict with wanting what will be best for the new infant.
      The wine growing family, is wealthy, by the way.
      I recognized William Irish in the opening credits as a pseudonym for an old mystery writer (Cornell Woolrich).
      15 minutes into the film, I recalled the story from a vintage Suspense (OTR) episode, "They Call Me Patrice."
    • Request: Batman and Harley Quinn subtitles
      By emeline-whovian · Posted
      You can find them here: Good quality, they were made by a former member of our team. Addic7ed does not generally make subtitles for movies, except sometimes Netflix.
    • The Trip to Spain
      By PCKid · Posted
    • English translator needed for HI and more...
      By BorisVictor · Posted
      Yes, we do! Please send me an PM. We have a deadline for this, I'm not sure you can make this.
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Assassination - 2015 - 7/10
      AKA - Amsal // 암살 High voltage S Korean escapism with sumptuous production values.
      Circa 1933, a Korean hit team is assigned to take out a fatcat appeaser and occupied Seoul’s Japanese military commander.
      Rival Korean factions squabble with each other and informers are omnipresent.
      Similar in look and feel to The Good, The Bad, The Weird (1998), though more grounded in reality.
      Like the K-drama Bridal Mask , these are non-historical characters (though Korean resistance to occupation was real, especially in the north).
      Excellent cat n mouse thriller with superb action sequences.
    • Request: Batman and Harley Quinn subtitles
      By Traditore · Posted
      Please, read here before asking:   In particular, do not request subtitles for shows or episodes that are less than three days old .  
        See? Cheers   Topic locked.
    • Request: Batman and Harley Quinn subtitles
      By argotha · Posted
      New animated movie frome DC was released yesterday. Please, make subtitles for it.
    • Request : Subtitles for Day 5 (2016)
      By legs · Posted
      Owww if so i really hope some kind soul will read this Many thanks k inglouisxx for explanation  You know , since im not a native english speaker and my hearing also isnt so good sometimes its really hard to understand all the mumbling so i always watch with eng subs.... and yeah i really like this show and would be awesome if someone could do the subs... like you said fingers crossed  Thanks again !  
    • English translator needed for HI and more...
      By william2568 · Posted
      Hi, does your team need a Chinese translator? I have been a Chinese subtitle translator for 2 two years. 
    • Request : Subtitles for Day 5 (2016)
      By kinglouisxx · Posted
      Hi, @legs . It's kind of a long shot. Rooster Teeth doesn't provide captions for their shows, so it needs to be transcribed from scratch. Quite an exhausting task to be honest. Most people are only able to transcribe a few minutes per hour. But it's a great show, I'll give you that. Didn't know season 2 started already, so thank you for the heads-up. Who knows, maybe some kind soul will fulfil your request after all. Fingers crossed!
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Swamp Shark - 2011 - 4/10 I wonder if this was where recent shark spoofs began.
      Big ole shark is dumped into Louisiana swamp and proceeds to munch on gators and humans.
      Not enough of either, I’m afraid.  Language, violence and  and nudity is PG.
      With the Gator Festival in full swing, irate owners of the Gator Shed Restaurant sail off to deep six their fishy freeloader.
      Pace is backwater slow.  Most in the cast were big in the 80s, working for a paycheck nowadays.
      Neither fun nor over the top, straight across the board.
      Formula crap.
    • Nightcap - aide traduction
      By chlogane · Posted
      Bonjour lucie, merci avec plaisir Bonjour Emeline, je me suis bien documenté sur les règles avant de m'y mettre, pas de soucis