The Strain (Link) "Episode list and air dates" Broken?

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@Admin Hello @ all!

 :newhere:  HELLO @ All! (to put the theme into the right topic ...i hope so ;)  ?

if i want follow to the link The Strain = > "Episode list and air dates" and become this message >>"Cache file issue: Cannot open cached XML poss connection issue?"

so i can´t follow (looking for Air Dates)  or put this series in my fav. Pls can somebody fix that?

If i go to any other show, it works very well and i can see it (for my self) in my Favourite show list .

Only this link, could be broken?


(Any some other thing is... i want to log in me in, here into this forum

with my chrome, he mean my password is wrong! :angry1: this is not possible :1290892367: i copy and paste that thing!

...i will try it again after 15 min or i go this days on password forget and make them new )


So @ all! have a great day i hope i can help a lil bit and u can help me! ;)  greetz SV :bye:

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@Shadowviewer: It's due to TVRage being down for the moment. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it.

Everything will go back to normal when TVRage will be back in business.

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