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Bring back "Did you mean this show:" Feature!

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Hi folks,

love the work you doing, no question about it. Best site on the net! 

But why, oh why, did you disable the "Did you mean this show" Feature on your search engine?

Normally I don't bother to log in, despite the awesome features, so i don't have every show i watch subscribed on addic7ed. So i just use the search feature and that was fine, because in addition to the episode pages it also displayed the suggestion of effectively jumping to the shows landing page, which also sets you into the most current series. By disabling that feature I first have to click on any episode and then when that page loads on the link to the shows landing page or show page. And I know, it's just one click and a page load more, but if you're watching different shows each day and on the same day, as I like to do, it amounts to quite a hassle doin it each time. 

Who know's, maybe somebody out there feels the same and leaves a comment. It would be appreciated. :)

Well, that's it. Nice to meet y'all and have a good time subbin' ;)

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