[REQUEST] Les Innocents 2018 French TV Series

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Hi there guys and happy new year to all,

I've been looking for days now for subtitles for the french tv series Les Innocents 2018 but sadly enough I can't find any.

English subs would be amazing but any language would do and I could translate the subs myself if it comes to it.

Thank you in advance very much.  

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Hi, unless it's bought by a channel interested to air it internationally, there's a fat chance you'll ever get subtitles for it. TV shows in French rarely have subtitles (even in French). Maybe in the event it airs on a cable one, but there's no guarantee.
However, I would strongly advise you - if you haven't see it already - to check Eyewitness (the US adaptation of the original Norwegian one), I loved it.

You could even try the Norwegian one, although I can't attest of its quality.

But original shows are often better than their adaptations ;)

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Hi there chamallow,

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I had no idea about the French TV shows rarely having subtitles.

In any case, I am following your recommendation and going after the Norwegian version which seems really good :D

Have a wonderful day.

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