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Survived The Eighties And Their Shows


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Damn you post-modern time!

Looking back, I wonder, that however fragmented my mind may be,
it still seems to able to work, from time to time, sometimes even
when it's needed to, during work hours for example.

The latest incarnation of the world makes it possible to
decide what to watch, and when, without commercials.
That's maybe a bit of true evolution.

Not watching every piece of crap out there,
like say, in you youth, at least, in my youth.

I still don't know why it is easier for me, to dig out
some old BASIC commands, instead of memorizing
some needed formulas for speech analytic, yeah,
I don't even mess with the logic operators, my
earlier school education was still helpful.
I recognized it very late, it gave me an
imaginary degree in godless hypocrisy,
very useful for some tests you'll have to do.

Actual I have found myself a hobby,
after years without one:"Breathing".

I do it before I think, after I think, even try
it 'while' I think. I do it before I speak. And,
I learned to do it while I write, and even to
do it, before I send something I have written.

Next to love being neophile, I still write letters,
you know, in ink, on paper, in this second world,
when you're leaving your keyboard.

I've got hope. We have the potential,
to make something right, maybe, we
make it there, before the other side
sends us to kingdom come. :-)

Oh, and I'm heavily damaged by pop culture,
and the finger of accusation while point to
Joss Whedon at the final day, damn, I
never watched a show over a dozen times,
damn you Joss, and your Firefly.

and by the way, I want a second season.
And after that, I want a third. And after that,
yeah, I guess, you people can imagine. ^^

Anything invented after you’re thirty-five is against the natural order of things.

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