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Hi Everyone.


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My name is yousra, i'm 19 and i'm french. I'm a sophomore in college where I study english litterature and civilisation. Anyway, i'm a big fan of tv shows, i watch a lot of them. my favorites are Community, The Good Wife, Parks & Recreation, Bored to death, Grey's anatomy, Private Practice, Medium, Friday Night Lights, Misfits. I also loved LOST, Six Feet Under and Friends.

Hi !


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Hi Awsome Yousra !
Bienvenue sur ce site sur lequel nous bossons :) !
Tu as pris la peine de t'inscrire, donc c'est cool !
Si tu as une question, n'hésites pas !
Je te souhaite plein de bonheur et de découvertes !

Le mensonge et la crédulité s'accouplent et engendrent l'opinion. (Paul Valérie)

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I can also help, if you are lookin for more people to translate :)

Welcome here, awesome :) .
About translations, try to contact honeybunny (PM her), for further details, she is in charge ! :)




The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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