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Raw subs for Doc-Nelle tue mani


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Hi, you should check out the French rules to get a better understanding of everything that needs to be respected.


I just opened to take a quick peak and here are a few things I noticed that you can modify already. Wrong punctuation (lack of spaces), add spaces after dialogue dashes, missing dashes for some locutions (Laissez-là and so on). Remove dialogue dashes when it's not a dialogue. Split long lines. Missing accent on specific words (plaît), wrong grammar (on faiT). Some missing punctuation signs as well at the end of sentences.

Maybe someone will be able to help you :)



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il y a 17 heures, chile-verde a dit :

According to their NFO file, it looks like the "web.h264-freamon" release has French subtitles. Hope this helps!

Hi. I'm a newbie so I don't understand what you're talking about, sorry.

I tried to search on the both websites, but couldn't find.

Couldt you enlighten me, please?

Anyway, thank you both for your advice.

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You won't find any video files here.

To better understand, start here >

Then here to understand NFO and releases > >



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