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Better late than never...


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Hi everyone,

I've been a user of addic7ed.com for many years and a member of same for about 3 1/2 years but I don't have much time to read and/or post in the forums so I've not done so 'til quite recently.

I'm probably one of the oldest members @ almost 73 and I've been on the net in some shape or fashion since the mid-80s. I certainly haven't seen nor done it all, but I've seen and done a good part of it. lol

At any rate, I was looking for Annika subtitles when I noticed a topic for same and found that someone had posted raw subtitles for same. Voila! Easy-peasy!

I guess I'll be spending a bit more time here.

Ta-ta for now.   --  dLH

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Thanks for the warm welcomes BorisVictor and chamallow.

I doubt if you remember it chamallow. It was a good while ago, but you were the first person on addic7ed.com that I communicated with.

          Hmmm..., you're not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition. Oh well..., lol



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