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Ancient Aliens


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What do you think of this History channel doc serie ? Although a bit rubbish sometimes, it beyond any doubt makes one question himself, & being fascinated by this subject since long ago, i really enjoyed seeing summarized many of the stuff i already knew and even discovering new strange stuff, i can only advise even the more doubtful person to watch this great docu, beginning with the 700mb first season (i think the second season is less objective, and a bit repetitive of the previous stuff ).

Imagine that almost everything you've been taught, may it be in school or at the temple of wathever your religion is, if not lies, are but the tip of the iceberg... imagine realizing that not only we ARE not alone in the universe, but we WERE not , even in the beginning of times... and considering all the flaws of modern society, it's a refreshing and brilliant perspective to think that in the past, things were different, not in a "neo-con" way of course... Imagine that your ancestors weren't grunting sasquatches, but maybe half-breed of other planets, playing a major role in what we know of human evolution...

Imagine there is numerous evidences of this and that the only reason it isn't accepted as a truth is the degeneration we are facing each and every day... if you believe in a God that could be disappointed in his creation & is leaving us "alone" (Nietzsche, Supernatural ;)) ... then u will know what i mean, & why this serie is a real eye-opener, a motivation for changing the world , making it a better place.
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i had no time to see it.. but a couple of friends did and said it was awesome.
I'll watch a few episodes soon and come back with a review.

Changing the world. One subtitle at a time.

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imagine realizing that not only we ARE not alone in the universe, but we WERE not , even in the beginning of times...[...]

IF I'm remember well, not a long time ago, it were so many disputes about Earth's shape, about who or what was Mondo Umbillicus, who or what was in the middle of everything.
Not a long time ago, we could drink more than 2 liters of beer from the glass tube of an electronical lamp. :D
Not a long time ago, we were enthusiastic watching how something called "computer" was playing X and O with a man.
Not a long time ago, we were so fascinated about talking with someone else, who was on the other side of this world, without using the phone.


WE have such a long time ahead us!
Will came the time (sooner or latter) to realize that we are not alone in that Universe.
And most important, to admit that we are not alone.

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The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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