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I picked up "tanj" from R.A.H. and Larry Niven (http://www.tanj.com/).

Adding "eet" to it makes it sound indian. I thought that is a good nickname to confuse my origins. So "Tanjeet" it is.

But what am I doing at Addic7ed?

I dont't know if you noticed that young actors seem to have skipped speech training in drama school. They speak so tanj fast, too fast.

Though I understand english quite well, I have too much trouble understanding recent american TV shows and movies. I've never had any problems, subtitles absent, with actors like Spencer Tracy, Catherine Hepburn, James Stewart, Sean Connery, Michael Caine and many of their contemporaries.

The pilot of "Harlem", a new show that seems to emulate a dark-skinned "Sex and the City", is a case in point. The girls talk so fast that even the subtitles almost change too fast to be read.

The speed-talk these days explains why I want english subtitles, with VLC media player configured to show the subs in a yellow font, nicely contrasting with the video (included subtitles are usually white and sometimes all caps).

In my decades-long experience Addic7ed is one of the best subtitle sites. It has a prominent spot among my favourites.

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Now download the also very new Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses.

Compare the experienced veteran, Helen Mirren, with the girls in Harlem.

You'll hear the significant difference in favour of Helen.

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