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Using AI to translate the subtitles


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AI is a hot topic and they do a great job with translations, especially because they can use context. I tried a few sentences in Google Translate versus ChatGPT, and ChatGPT bet Google all the time.

It exists some projects (like https://github.com/gnehs/subtitle-translator or https://github.com/cgsvv/AISubtitle) that permit to translate a subtitle using AI.

I noticed that the number of subtitles that are translated on Addic7ed is decreasing (at least for the French popular TV shows), and I'm wondering if AI could help in the process? Obviously, someone will have to verify and correct the translation, but it may considerably reduce the effort and time spent on it.

I planned to do some tests, but I was wondering if anyone tried?

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Since it's already difficult for humans to do the translation correctly depending on who's talking to whom, female or male, young or old, one-on-one or addressing several people, etc.

AI may be used to translate a user's manual maybe, but not dialog subtitles! Thinking you "only" have to review the translation is absurd, since you basically have to check the context I just cited for every line among other things (what is shown on screen for instance)...

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