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i hate mc fu***ng g


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hi every one my name is mcghater and as you will have guessed i hate the man his direction skills ar just awfull and he needs to be stopped i mean did you see terminator salvation............ any way hi

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Good morning all...

...and a happy new year to everyone.

Oh dear, this poor fellow, McG - such venom, when he's probably merely the victim of poor potty training!

I wasn't really familiar with the chap, but have now noticed his name in the credits for Supernatural; this series has been on the stocks as "something to try (again) when I have nothing better to watch".
I'll learn, in time, and throw the disks away!

As for the latest Terminator film: I watched about 20 minutes of it, before deciding that it didn't know where it was going, why it was going there, and what it might do when it arrived - not to mention the many illogicalities that guaranteed the inability of any thinking viewer to maintain even the slightest semblance of suspended incredulity.

Hmmm... Sounds just like like Supernatural.

Another thing that both these productions share is the old X-Files trick of filming as much as possible in semi- or complete darkness, thereby saving lots of money, and hiding most of the otherwise obvious flaws.


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Never look before you leap, it'll spoil the surprise.

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