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I woke up this morning, It's an addic7ed.com Day!

Warin West-El

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I watch at least 3 videos every day.  And after a couple of years of doing that, I realized you can get more out of your viewing experience if you run subtitles while you watch.

So after I started doing that, I noticed many subtitles I was downloading from Open Subtitles Beta were full of spelling errors.  So I figured I would upload my corrected subtitles to Open Subtitles.  WOW, did THAT create a sh*t storm.  I was told in no uncertain terms that my subtitles were inappropriate and unacceptable.  Well, I (perhaps too strenuously) demanded to know in what specific ways my subtitles were deficient.  WOW, did THAT create ANOTHER sh*t storm.  Then I was immediately and summarily reduced to "read only status."

Well, over time I have slowly but surely learned the ins and outs of Subtitle Edit.  I can now sync to waveforms, etc..  So, after years of erasing things like "- sync and corrections by Mr. C - - www.addic7ed.com" . . . just this morning I realized - "Gee, I've never checked out addic7ed.com.  Maybe I should do that?"

WOW - I immediately noticed TWO things that I had criticized Open Subtitles about:  1) Unlike them, links to subtitle tutorials are easily accessible and highly visible.  2) Unlike them, the avatars of the Moderators were NOT demonic or blatantly threatening.  (What a relief).  Yes friends, apparently not everyone who engages in subtitling is a worshipper of Satan.  But I had to come to addic7ed.com to find this out.

My intention is only to be helpful and improve the quality of the subtitles available for people to use.  I'm hopeful that - at last - I've come to the right place. 😃


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