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Hello from France every1 !


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Hi every1,

My nickname's phil(ippe) Ayevi and I live in France. I would be happy to help with subbing, sync or anything. Your work is very useful to many people all over the globe who are able to watch tons of good quality programs (well mostly good ;))

I'm really into shows like Californication, How I met your mother, Flash forward, The shield, The sopranos, Band of brothers even old classic like Jim Profit which was broadcasted in totality in France. Love Japanimes too (Naruto, Samurai Champloo, Kenshin Battosai, Evangelion, etc.)

Continue the hard work and don't hesitate to MP me for anything, even cooking recipes if you feel like it (I make a delicious and easy cooking "Quiche", my american friends usually love it ! )

Cya on thread guys !

PS : I love poker too :) Many of my friends would love if any subtitles were edited for the WSOP !

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Hello and welcome. Do you have experience in syncing? Check my posy here: http://sub-talk.net/need-people-that-can-sync-t-200-2.html#pid860



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