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Hi, new user and question


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Hi, I'm new here as registered user but began using your site as a reliable source of subs about 3 months ago when my TV broke. I want to thank all of you for letting me keep in touch with my favorite shows.

Now for my question, I came across a subtitles for The time traveler's wife that is well sync'ed but is definitely translated to English from another language. Now I'm partly deaf (This is why I use subtitles in the first place) but I wanted to correct it the best I can. I would keep the syncs but use my english and my fair ability to read lips to correct the actual text of the subs.

Being that It's a movie, it implies that the lightning is not always optimal and as such I will make mistakes and probably have the wrong text in place... So should I still bother to make the changes? (I'm doing it by hand using EditPlus).

Anyway thanks again for the huge collection and quick upload of new TV subs.

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Oh, thanks for the observation, I didn't bother to check that subtitle I have uploaded (it would be impossible to check everything i upload), so it must be a google translation from another language. Your help would be much appreciated, if it's not too tedious for you.

Thank you and welcome :)



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