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Terra Nova


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Yeah, let's have a brief recap of what we've seen, since we are at half of the season and I am still confused about what is happen here.

AD 2149, hard one, smoke, fog, frog, one square meter boxes for crowd, jail - also only for the crowd, cards, rations, hot water kettle, breath masks on faces and last but not least, two sperm per family . (Do not ask me what happen if it someone sent in delegation at least three from the start!).
Over all this, suddenly and out of a date, there is a temporal fracture.

No matter how that was happen, the boys who worked on the script told us that.

We find that in AD 2149 they sent a probe through the fracture, but nothing relevant happened with the probe (not even a beep wasn't sent or received), for which we concludes that there is not just a simple temporal fracture, so simple, temporal reference is broken into an alternate reality!

Here I'm wonder why alternate reality but not alternate universes, because (well, it is well known, just a reminder for those who haven't started to document), if I, just next to exit the door, I decide to change the shirt that I was dressed, this is already an alternative reality, because it is possible and likely that some unseen and unprecedented things could be happened when I was with T-shirt "A", unlike what was already happened when I wore the shirt "B".
By extrapolation, we have the same theory if I change my mind, etc, etc, etc, this stuff is happening all around us without getting us 85 million years ago, where we can enthusiastically seen some pig-osaurians.

These guys in 2149 made it, they went to IKEA, they bought some doors that can be installed as instruction said, they thought about a bit, then gave them some paint, something other than the factory made, and they baptized them as.... Portals.
One of-that Portal they put it at one end, the other one gave way to this fresh installed Portal, this one without having the paint dried, and then they cheerfully started to organize a large Lottery Visa contest.
Costs of participation, number of seats approved, qualification of applying for this program, who is allowed to apply, I do not know, nobody knows anything, it's classified.
Also, do not ask what alternative realities, however, since they sent a probe that gave no sign of life, but portal works in the same alternate reality, sending series after series of Visa Lottery winners, with doggy, with piggy, at the same arrival point.
And that's classified too, I spoke with them.

Me, being a little blunt, I don't understand the principle of one-way Portal operation, I didn't found someone (or, they did not want) who can explain it to me - I do not know why!
Maybe to be some safety measure, lest those who have spent some time speaking with dinosaurs, who could suffered a shock and they want to prevent to not want to return in AD2149?

Arrived after a full of adventures journey through the Portal, the Lottery winners discovers (in principle) with amazement that that motherfuckers sent them where air is plenty and light is in abundance and because of that, besides the problems of adaptation because of language difficulties, they have breathing and seeing issues too. And there is not anyone with any simply stands to sell sunglasses and other accessories necessary for proper adjustment.
It is also revealed the profound astonishment that they must cross a long way from the Arrivals Portal to the Campsite!, likely, to appreciate, enjoy and get used with the new world's wonders.
These things are done well, not so ... random.

Campsite is particularly interesting, spread over an area enough to accommodate immigrants, sorry, Lottery winners, thanks to godfather Spielberg, enjoying a beautiful wooden fence made with local resources, solid and imposing gates designed to impress any pig-osaurian that shows boldness and curiosity (as that because pig-osaurians are characters, they told us that) to the community that is starting to build, also has local market, barns, pub, shared libraries, community center, medical clinic, military garrison and Wind turbines to supply energy to various facilities needful with the community.
They had no police station, but thanksfuly to a favorable alternative reality circumstances, other than that one with dinosaurs, it is resolved next.

The Characters:

Military garrison commander, the one of whose main duties is to have welcome speech, socializing mediation between the newcomers and old ones comers, inspect and repair the common area property line markings, counting losses in men and materials, quick removal of those who are insubordinate and show lack of respect for the authority.

Right-hand military garrison commander, Lt. WASH (short for Washington, I was lazy to write), whose tasks (Ah!, it's babe) are to take in her's hand the Commander's dropped tasks, when he decides to inspect what he personally wants to inspect (no one knows, he didn't tell anyone), looking with intelligent sight on some hologram forms on a screen (or is just the opposite?, I said that I'm a little blunt) and sharing fists, feet and punch during outdoor missions.

Some gang, known as Sixers. It's just a bunch of some uneducated guys, who loves to climb on trees, loves to be unwashed, loves to make great deals (give me or you die - of course)

Chief scientists, the smartest and most competent chief scientists, but he has a hormonal problem which he hoped to solve, but to his surprise, he left with the problem. Unsolved.

Head of barns, the man responsible for supplying the local market with goods and services, and at night, after working hours, the manager of the Casino.
But not tell that to anybody, this stuff after working hours are not allowed!

A girl named Skye, pretty, but badly stupid in the choice of a long and rewarding relationship partner. That is, it happens.

Some friends of Skye, rebels without a cause, they do not have anything else to do but just to undermine the structural integrity of the fence surrounding the camp, to escape in the woods like elfs, to pick strawberries and blackberries, and drink prohibited and unappropriated self-manufactured drinks.
This happens because there wasn't any police station, of course.

The police chef, installed according to the garrison commander decision, as a reward for an outstanding intervention on some gang's member, who's reason plans to kill Military garrison commander was totaly unknown.
The police chef was installed in the post without taking into account that he had executed two years of jail for corruption (he corrupted his wife to stay for the third time), escape, human trafficking.
Yet, perhaps because these facts listed above, he turns out to be embodied competence and savior of service.

The police chef's wife, brought to campsite thanks on the scientist head hormonal recomandations, she is a great doctor, very important for the development and progress of developing society.

The police chef's Firstborn. I think in addition to being just an idiot, I do not know what other task or responsibility he have.

The police chef's second born proves to be family's smart part, her head is filled with a lot of very useful information, information that she gladly share to anyone, anytime. Doesn't matter if someone wants to listen her, that is unimportant.

The police chef's little error have an episodic importance, no more comments here.

Dinosaurs are responsible for ensuring justify classification as SF.
And are more believable characters than those listed above.

Later edit: I forgot to mention Terra Nova Main Theme:

that has nothing to do with:




The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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Best put a "spoiler" tag in this review/recap, IMHO.

Some people may not have watched the show yet.

It's not the years in the life, but the life in the years dQVXh.gif

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LOL, honestly, what I wrote is a pamphlet Alex, not a spoiler, not a review.

Like SGU and Falling Skies, TN is nothing but some other show made just to be made.

“So many people had the idea they were going back to change history, we wanted to change that,” executive producer Rene Echevarria responded to one critic’s question.
Essentially, the Terra Novites aren’t going back to change the future. They’re going back to start over…period.

“In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions; where a small change at one place in a nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state.
For example, the presence or absence of a butterfly flapping its wings could lead to creation or absence of a hurricane.

For those of you who read the short story or saw the movie “The Perfect Game”, in high school, about a man who goes back in time to ancient prehistory to hold a safari hunting dinosaurs, you’ll remember that by diverting from the defined path and stepping on a mouse (that would have eventually evolved into a primate, supposedly), the protagonist destroyed the future of mankind.

The premise is the same in Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder”, which is a lot less drastic: killing a butterfly in the time of the dinosaurs resulted in bizarrely-spelled English and a different outcome for a political race.
In the movie with Ashton Kutcher, “The Butterfly Effect,” Kutcher’s character alters his present by entering his past and making changes, and the result is his insanity and ultimate demise.
Oh, and of course, who can forget Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park, illustrating chaos theory to Laura Dern in his creepy-flirty way with a drop of water on the back of her hand?

The basic premise is, “Don’t Mess With the Past!!!” Presumably, tiny changes in the past time stream could result in disasters in the future.

However, Terra Nova sidesteps the Butterfly Effect, cleverly avoiding the conflict altogether: by embracing the concept of alternate realities, espoused by adherents of super-string theory, a very popular school of thought in modern quantum physics. Supposedly, every reality has alternates.
Every time a decision is made, no matter how trivial (“Should I wear the pink or the blue?”), an alternate reality splits off, one for each choice made.
These alternate universes don’t interact, they run parallel, not perpendicular or diagonally, so they should never intersect and bother each other.

By entering the portal to Terra Nova, the colonists don’t enter their OWN reality’s past—they enter some other, alternate reality. heir actions won’t hurt humanity in their old reality’s future; it might screw up the humans who would presumably evolve in their new universe, but who really cares?
They don’t “know” those people, and they’re 85 million years behind them, anyway.

This is made possible because it isn’t a time-travel gate: it’s a rift, a gash across the fabric of space-time, a splinter-sized one-way bridge to the past of another universe, if you will.

Call it a cheat if you want, but for many physicists it’s a relatively plausible option, as long as there is no prospect of return.
Now, how said portal was formed and stabilized, and how they knew where it went to (since you can’t come back), is a whole different kettle of fish.
Since it’s an alternate reality, how could their probes be detected in our reality?
How would something man-made, like a probe or marker, exist 85 million years, when the best of our technology creates things that will ultimately degrade in a few thousand at best?

These are questions for the scientists, though. Really.
It’s TV folks: it’s supposed to be entertaining, and at least they’re trying to keep the science plausible. That doesn’t mean every tiny wrinkle has to be ironed out. Give the producers and writers some creative license for making something unique and interesting,

Interesting, right? All these words are from a TN's crew member.

Some years ago, I was watching a SF show, where main character had a big poster with some impresive words on it: I WANT TO BELIVE!
Well, I don't really love just to watch a show, I want to belive also.




The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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Yes, the sci-fi label is a bit cheap... I would like to see a real sci-fi 'space' show soon, like babylon 5 and not another clean/polished/artificial teenage show that seems to much like a Sims game!

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Yes, the sci-fi label is a bit cheap...

What did you said? :D

Pilot itself was "eating" 15 MILLIONS bucks! The pilot one!
Every episode had a cost somewhere around $4 mil. For what? For 30 sec on some recycled dinos FX? Oh, right, you're right here about the sci-fi label! :D

In these last episodes, at the begining, it was that intro with a desolated landscape and some domes.

I can understand that landscape, poisonous atmosphere because some industrial activities, but I didn't understood industrial activities inside the domes!
I have no time to say more :) , but I'll be back :D . These days :)




The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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