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Hi everyone,

I'm a rather new user of the addic7ed site, my name is JB, I'm 27 yo and I live in France, not in Paris :lol:!

I admit I've never heard of you since recently, especially when the Toinety Team's site ran out.
I'm really happy to have discovered such a good organisation, because I think this is the best word for describing the work of each, and thank you for that, and not onyl from me, but from all the people at home who can appreciate to follow series, vampires' ones (I'm the only man at home for 4 girls... -sic!- )

Done for the compliments! Now time for remarks :P

I recently tried myself to translation. Your site is very good at it, you have the words in front of you, you really juste have to translate, and that's really well thought. BUT after a few days, I noticed that the other translators such as myself were doing really bad, by this way I wrote a message on your facebook wall about that.
I have a french licence in english, so I think I can translate pretty well, but THAT... for example, the problems about the "you" and the "he-she". I don't get it. You just have to watch the episode to know who the you-he-she is talked about, and apparently, I'm the only one to do it! I've watched the last Secret Circle just an hour ago, and I've been completly disappointed. This is just incomprehensible! Not only the syntax, but grammar and HUGE mistakes that only a teen could do. And the translator is rather than always the corrector. To my point of view, it doesn't have to. The corrector should be always different to the translators.

That was my principle remark. Only remark, in fact...:blink:
I've noticed though that many of the translators weren't registered on this forum. I had supposed that every translators should do it before translate.

OK, now for the work. I can translate and correct every french to english or english to french texts. I'm french native and I've lived 4years in London, so I can tell that i'm fluent with both languages. And my demand here is to have a sort of habilitation to be a true corrector for you. I don't work fulltime actually, and I have lot of time to do it.

I admit that my presentation has not the look of a classical one, but I had to say all that; I don't blame or yell at anyone, it's just that when I do something, I do it my best.
See ya around guys, and thx again for your action, which is very very appreciated here.


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Hi, Jibaow and welcome.

Yeah, you're right about translations, and those all things are happened because addic7ed is just like an Wikipedia, everyone can contribute. And because of that (and because we are not so many as someone could think :) ), we cannot manage to check all translation made on addic7ed.

Look HERE and I hope you will became a member of our team :) .




The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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