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G'day, Cupcakes


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Hello, friends

I'm Destry, from Sydney.
I collect certain subtitles so my old relatives can watch the TV programs.
We all then watch the shows together on my PC - with a 28" screen, which is enough.

It's only been this year that I've been grabbing Addic7ed stuff in a serious way.
Some of the shows we have watched, reguarly, during 2011 include: Kitchen Nightmares US - Psych - Suits - Game of Thrones - House - Dexter - Death Valley - Walking Dead - Columbo (revisit the old series) - The Defenders - Boston Legal (my fav all-time TV show).

In a short time, I have been amazed at the high subtitling standard that Addic7ed has set for itself, and achieved.

But, at the same time, I'm a bit puzzled at how or why you volunteers give so much of yourself and your time to do this.
I mean - do all the subbers have deaf family members and, therefore, that motivates and/or inspires them?
Or are they driven by something else?
Why did Alex even conceive a site like this?
Besides being amazed, I am humbled as well by these guys who sacrifice their leisure time to raise the quality of life of thousands... tens of thousands... of people who they don't even know.
And who don't even thank them for their efforts.

I've been a netizen for a decade but I have to say this is the first "amateur" site I've found that seems to devote itself to pure service.
Too many others are trying to make a fast $ so admin can retire young. :lol:

I've used lots of other subtitle sites but they seem to collect their goods from DVD rips or leeching other subtitle sites, and the like - rather than supply a home-grown product.
I take my hat off to you folks for raising the bar so high.

I'll make a donation before Xmas.
Just need to see a little blue sky first.

Anyway, I love the quality your collective work.

I was going to sacrifice a virgin in the hope that you subbers would supply all the series of The Practice as a special project (Amazon DVDs are not subtitled) but I won't even mention that here (because I've done a little reading on the forum and this is not the place to make requests :D )

Anyway, thanks a lot for the endless hours of viewing pleasure.
It's so great for me to be able to hear the laughter and see the smiles on my old folks' faces.
I know that when they are gone, those times will be important in my memory.

* Three thumbs up *

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I`m glad you enjoy our work.
English is not my native language. A few years ago i wasn't satisfied with some of the subtitles (translated from Eng to my native language) available for certain shows (Prison Break, Lost, Heroes) i was watching. Along with honeybunny, we two decided to subtitle (in our language) the next Prison Break episode when it airs. And so we did. I had a domain (that was inactive) so i hosted the file there.. and also uploaded it to certain websites.
The file was deleted from some of the websites (probably because we managed to release it before their official teams did.. and probably because it wasn't up to -some- standards). That's how we decided we should open a website and avoid doing what many (in the business) at that time did (lots of low quality files, huge delays in releasing files, fake search results and so on).

We decided to focus on English files instead of our native language (various reasons, won`t go into details). Due to the large amount of subtitles that needed to be done.. at first we would mostly just correct subtitles other did (download them from podnapisi.net for example, correct them and upload them to Addic7ed as corrected files). Some people offered to help us and join the team.. so in time we managed to do more and release more original content.

It's been 4 and 1/2 years since we started and we got to a place i had no idea we would. I've learned lots of stuff during this 4 years and i've met lots of GREAT people.
I (and the rest of the team) is motivated by you, the people we help.

I think we managed to change the entire subtitle scene... and really set a standard for quality. Before doing this, i remember waiting 1-2 days for English files. Now you usually find them in a few hours.

Hope this answers most of your questions :-) (though, it's a bit incoherent)
Thanks for your interest and for taking time to write this post :-)

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Changing the world. One subtitle at a time.

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