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Hello, it`s me again [ Part 2 ]


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Since the old forum and posts went bye bye, we have to meet again!
My name is Alex and i`m not 28 years old.
I`m usually the guy responsible for stuff that happens on Addic7ed and Sub-Talk ( this can include - subtitles being deleted, entire forums being wiped bla bla the usual )

I`m kind of new to the subtitle scene ( ~2 years ) but i`m learning new stuff almost everyday ( [tip=This includes many people from Sub-Talk, you know who you are!]thanks to all the people around me that have been in this longer than i have[/tip] ).

You can send hate mail and *naked pics* to alex28 [at] addic7ed [dot] com.

Well from time to time you might wanna use that e-mail for bug reports and other unimportant stuff.

Changing the world. One subtitle at a time.

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