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Since it was suggested to introduce myself, I'm going to go ahead and do so.

Subtitles have become very important to my family as hearing all the soft tone dialogue and important background sounds and dialogue have become difficult to hear for my spouse. I've been lucky for the most part in finding subtitles on the net, but not nearly as many as I'd like and some of them don't sync with the movie I have. So i decided to try and teach myself how to edit and hopefully how to create ST so I might give back to the folk making ST.

Having just joined Addic7ed, I discovered this group today, and joined right away. According to the forums I browsed, Subtitle Edit seems to be the program of choice which I downloaded and bookmarked the two pages of what appear to be instructions. I do believe in adhering to group rules as well as "RTFM" as I learned from an IT team. I'm glad that the resources include videos because I tend to get all muddled up when trying to learn from manuals. Having said that, I'd like to give fair warning that I may be asking questions that might have totally obvious answers to the majority of the group. Therefore, please accept my proactive apology for wasting time and taking up bandwidth.

I was computer literate until 2001 when my training position was taken from me and the entire education department was abolished. Having no practical application for new knowledge, I just let the tech world pass me by and was able to maintain with what I knew. Taking on this goal of learning how to edit ST and possibly creating them is daunting as both the technology and science of the task is quite foreign. Being more than a decade behind in computer technology puts me at a huge disadvantage. Either I'll succeed to some degree or another, or I'll wind up simply tilting at windmills.

I'm glad to be here and am looking forward to following your posts as I'm certain I'm in the best place to help reach my goal.

Please accept my best wishes for all to have a healthy and peaceful new year 2012.

Much obliged,
Will Rogers

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Hi and welcome.

I must say, that was a very impressive introduction, and we are glad that you had time to share your thoughts.

Let me tell you something about SE.
SE is a program that has grown thanks to those who have used and have provided feedback so as to be removed any bugs, and be continuously improved.
In this way, Nikse has got to make available for those who work daily with subtitles (or just occasionally) an instrument that is extremely easy to use and equally extremely useful.
For any questions or guidance needed, use appropriate Forum section with confidence.




The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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