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We're zruek and Eigo (no sensei). We're French. We're great fans of mangas and we enjoy some TV shows. Basically we started working in different fansub teams. Zruek is doing the timing and I am the translator. A French TV Channel launched a new series, Kaboul Kitchen. Already when they were promoting it, we thought it might be very funny. And we loved it, from the beginning till the end. We loved it so much that we got the idea. Its subject may be quite controversial, and because it is a French show, we thought that many people wouldn't be able to enjoy it. We wanted to give the series a broader audience, because we thought it was so funny that we wanted everybody to watch it, so now here it is... In France, the first season is already finished. But you can ount on us to give you access to all the episodes and we hope you'll enoy it as much as we did!

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Hello Zruek and Eigo (no sensei)!

My friends and I are learning French and we LOVE Kaboul Kitchen. We greatly appreciate the work you and Egio (no sensei) have done for subtitling the show, especially how closely the subtitles actually match what is being said; so often is seems like subtitles cut things too short. We're wondering if you're still planning on subtitling the rest of the show?

Also, would it be possible to get a copy of the French transcript of the show, if you have it written down? We're trying to learn French by watching the show, and it's been going well, but we'd really like to be able to check our understanding against the French transcript. You can contact me directly at sartzschebiz@gmail.com.

Your work is much appreciated!

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