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This Is Kind Of Funny


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Hi everybody,

I'm so glad to be joining you today.
I'm here to learn how to help the community to produce subs, which is funny since I never use them myself.
I'm sure that many subs-team's members don't give their time creating subs for themselves. That would actually make no sense, or would it ?

I've tried helping a team on "Friday Night Lights" French subs few years ago, but I was working on a PowerPC mac and the other members had to rewrite every parts I was translating and to be honest, I wasn't enjoying the show either (even if I've been amazed by Kyle Chandler performance who I previously knew from "Early Edition")

therefore, I'm French and live in Lyon which is a very nice city to live in, even if the Urban Dictionary isn't that definite about it...

My three favorites shows are :
"Twin Peaks" because "The owls are not what they seem."
"A Game of Thrones" and "This one is for Melinda"
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" when "She really is submissive, isn't she ? Is that how you want me to be Julian ? so... submissive ?"

I also really like Paul Auster's novels, let's say... all of them !

that'll be all for now and that was only a quick introduction ofc...


- sharing is caring -

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