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Hey dudes, i'm the dutch Gordon Shumway and i'm 48 years old, better known as the famous old Alf. (The american sitcom from the eightties, not the real one ofcourse but that's just the nickname i already own everywhere....ha ha ha ha ha....all old dudes and dudettes know me.) My biggest hobby is translating subtitles from english into dutch, including synchronisations. I know everything about subtitles, a real subtitle-junky. I Translated for example all Alf-episodes, alot of House M.D especially the last season of it. A bunch of movies as there are The Caller (2011), A Lonely Place To Die (2011), Empty (2011), Buck Rogers In The 25th Century (- Sitcom- All episodes), The Big Bang Theory (- Sitcom- Last season 5), Faces Of Death I,II,III,iV, Orca The Killer Whale (1977),
Project: Alf (1996), To Catch A Killer (1992), To Be Fat Like Me (2007), etc etc. I do all subtitles on my own, with no help from others. If u all need any help or whatsoever i'll be delighter to help. On weekdays i work on a lab...yeah i'm a real labrat.

Well boys, that's all u need to know right now. I'll hop in from time to time.

Wanna know more of some translation i made =, please visit http://subscene.com/...e1964/user.aspx

Buh bye :D

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Hi old Alf :) and welcome here.




The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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Hoi I'm Dutch as well.

I mostly use English subs with English language, but I recently downloaded a Dutch movie without Dutch subs to find.
I need them because my hearings have decreased that much that I can't follow the talking anymore without the help of subs.
So I searched for English subs and yes....
Mayby they're yours

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