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V 2009


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Hey guys,

I watched the pilot couple of days ago, it was amazing, everything was perfect, kinda reminds me a little of BSG, I also think its much better than FlashForward (I'm comparing V to FF only cause they both are talking about global criseses).

So what did you guys think?

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Agreed. V is just awesome-- better than Flash since I couldn't think of any plot holes-- well, maybe a few theories but not real huge holes like Flash.

And shows about rebelling against the government is something TV should be airing (IMHO)



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Just saw the old one uploaded somewhere. Since we`re not for piracy and stuff, write a note for Santa give it to me and i`ll be sure he gets it to PirateBay.

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like it, think it has potential to become ever better but this long wait is just well....too darn long. The only thing i remember about the old series except for the major plot is the rat eating woman lol. Stuck with me.

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I'm glad it came back from the break :D I remember the 1984 version and yes, Diana and those little white mice are also stuck in my head. By the way, the old V costumes were awesome!

The new version rocks. I was a little afraid of how they would treat it, but the writers have been doing a really good job so far. Still waiting for Robert Englund to make a cameo, though.

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I was really into the old V when i was a kid, with the proud revolutionary Donovan, the special child...
This new batch is really awesome, plus it's a good excuse to see again somme really good tv actors like Elizabeth Mitchell, Joel Gretsch and Rekha Sharma from BSG.
First season was a teensy bit short, but i guess they gotta test it before ordering straight 24 eps.

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