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Hi From France ( 2Nd Installment)


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Hi, I'm new to this whole translation thing, I only want to help improve the subtitles. I don't need them myself, but I use them when I watch some series with my son, and I sometimes gasp when I happen to read some translations : either they are the total opposite of what is meant, or they are chock-full of typos, or mistakes. I've started working on some installments of Necessary Roughness and Bunheads ( translation, but mostly proofreading) directly on addic7ed.com, but can't wait to try my hand at others such as Person Of Interest - a personal fave.
I think that the system of percentages can be an enticement to keep on working on a series, but it is sometimes perverted by people who just copy verbatim what has been written just above.
I'm personnally not looking for my 15 minutes of fame, but trying to make US and GB series available to a wide audience.

PS : I'm French, but I have half my master's in English = j'ai une maîtrise d'Anglais.
I'm available to translate/ proofread on weekends and also some week nights.

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angela59, I guess you already know that we have a French subforum.
There you can have some discussions about French translations with rumdiggie, jpdom and marinemma.




The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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