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Hi !


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Hi !

I'm glad to be here to help (and to be helped :P) all of you translators !

Anyway, I'm 23, french girl.
I study to be social worker but I have a HUGE and insane passion for TV Shows.
I'd love to live in England (London is amazing !).

I watch all my TV show subbed, and now i want to help to translate some episodes (and I can use English every day \o/).

I'm a fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock (Yeah ... Moffat), Misfits, The Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, Downton Abbey, and sooooo much more, I can't remember now ^^

Thx for reading :)

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Stargate is... "I can't remember now ^^ "?
Ooh, I'm so disappointed ! :D

Welcome here and enjoy.




The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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Thank you for your welcome.

I'm sorry if I write strange sentences, but i have more difficulties to write English than understand it ... (like you in French haha ... yes I read some of your posts in the French part).

And Stargate isn't one of my favorite TV Shows... I prefer the Movie with James Spader (*_*).
I've watched too many Shows for the last 3 Years :rolleyes: So I can't remember all of them. Only the better :P

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