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Hello Everybody ...


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... and best wishes for this new year :)

I would like to propose my help with the subs, having read here and there on the forum that help is indeed welcome (as long as it's done properly ...). I read a lot in English – I love this language and I love reading, plus I have time on my hands – and I much prefer watching GB/US films and series with English subs rather than French ones. So I think I could be useful to us subs-Addicts BUT I know nothing yet about the technical side of the work.

I've downloaded Subtitle Workshop and :( I'm afraid it will take me some time (weeks ? months ? years ???) before I can use it, so I've decided I'd be much more useful right now with the corrections : spelling, syntax, punctuation …

I'm gonna read the FAQ again and wander through the forum to get more info about the way to really start correcting. If I get lost, I'll send an SOS.

Bye for now, have a nice Sunday.

(P.S. I'm eager to watch season 3 of Borgen, which has started in Denmark, but no subs to be found anywhere yet. No Scandinavian people on Addicted ?...)

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Search into Subtitles - FAQ/Tutorials section, you'll find some interesting threads there (my opinion :) )




The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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Right on Doc :) , I'm doing that now : I've just printed out "How To Correct, Step By Step" and "Addic7ed Corrections Style" (thanks to Honeybunny and Chamallow) and I'm sure I will find a lot more stuff to have to get in print, from the FAQ/Tutorials section.

Thanks for your reply, Doc.

(In the Forum Rules, I saw that bumping is prohibited : what does bumping mean exactly ? I suppose it is like in a conversation, when someone interrupts :angry: and changes the topic, isn't it ?)

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