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Hello From Poland


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So, I'm a new member from Poland and I just wanted to say hello.


I decided to join the board when I found out that the last episode of "Doctor Who" tragically lacks Polish subtitles (I've already begun working on them, I hope I'm not doing anything wrong!). Anyways, I don't watch too many TV series; my favourites are "Doctor Who" (duh), BBC's "Sherlock" and "Dexter". I'm also a huge fan of cartoons such as "Justice League", "Young Justice" and "Batman Beyond" (yes, I am an adult, and yes, I watch an awful lot of cartoons. Deal with it). (Side note: I just did a quick research and found out that the number of subtitles to the three shows I just mentioned is atrociously low. Well, not for long.)


Let me end this already-too-long post by saying that I'm a student of applied linguistics. We haven't been doing translating yet, but I'm very eager to try it already. So I'm here not only to have fun, but also to excercise, and learn some stuff that may come in handy later on.





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