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Hello All


I am a new member from the great south land (aka the commonwealth of australia). I have joined to express my support for the art of video sub-title writing and to acknowledge the fine work by forum members.


Many of you will be aware that video works with sub-titles are very popular here and that we take some pride in the good sub-title work by australia's special broadcasting service, a public broadcaster with a multi-cultural mission.


Perhaps fewer will know that SBS now provides TV transmission services for this country's first national indiginous television service (NITV). Prior to annexation by the united kingdom the Aboriginal civilisation, comprising over 400 separate nations and languages, sustained a unique culture and political economy that had lasted for 50,000 years.


Free trade and cultural exchange occured across this vast island. Each nation had diplomatic spe****ts to facilitate international lore and relations and most families spoke 4 or more languages. But this has changed. Aboriginal nations were dispossed and herded into concentration camps, their language and culture destroyed. We all speak english now. Since 1967 Aboriginal people, previously treated like native fauna, have be reclassified as humans and there is some hope for reconcilliation, if not reparations.


This is a great heritage for the art of multi-cultural exchange and video sub-title writing but we have so much to learn.


I would like to contribute to some sub-title writing in british english, but with no other languages I am loath to dive in and amend the work of others. I have read the tutorials and help pages but they don't speak much about ethics and ettiquette and these things are of concern to me. How should I proceed?



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